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11.1.1closedFIX: NUnit operation
The `Execute-NUnit` operation is a total disaster in terms of UI/UX: ​ - rename the operation to `Execute-TestProject` but keep backwards compatibility (i.e. it should be used as `NUnit::Execute-TestProject`) - fix (or remove) help text to actually be useful, and use placeholder text instead where applicable ​- an `$NUnitConsolePath` extension configuration variable should be added to support the path to `nunit-console.exe` - a path to the NUnit executable should not be required, default to `$NUnitConsolePath`, and should be in Advanced tab ​- "Is NUNit v3" property should default to `true` and be moved to Advanced tab ​- output directory should automatically be created if specified, default to `$WorkingDirectory` with placeholder text, and not require a surrounding `for directory` block - capitalization should be correct and consistent