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  • 2/5/2021
  • by SYSTEM

Build Variables

$Branch master
$CommitHash 5b8b7e48fdf5b77573ac6fd2a636ec8bd9471e45
%ExtensionVersions %(InedoCore: 1.10.1, Azure: 1.9.0, AWS: 1.10.0)
$GitCommit 5b8b7e4
%GitLab %(Ref: refs/heads/master, HeadCommit: %(Message: PG-1887 Fixes to Asset Directories.`n- Separated CreateNewFeedModalPage to it's own class`n- Fixed button on Asset page to create new asset directory. Now matches style and opens modal directly`n- Fixed icon on Asset Feed`n- Removed Asset Feed from Feed list), UserName: Richard Hessinger, Project: %(Namespace: inedo))
$InedoSDKVersion 1.10.0
$Repository ProGet
$TagCreated true
$UnstableDependencies none