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apk-checksum54d2db0 on yesterday by Alex Papadimoulis, Inedono builds
PG-26593b3411a on 5/24/2024 by Richard Hessinger24.0.6 #35/24/2024
PG24/dicker-blocking8947da9 on 5/23/2024 by Greg Divisno builds
PG24/new-patch-verf3bd0a7 on 5/24/2024 by Greg Divisno builds
PG24/rmeatdata-prototypea402577 on 5/27/2024 by Alex Papadimoulis, Inedono builds
proget23f7be8bf on 5/23/2024 by Greg Divis23.0.32 #33/29/2024
thousandb782161 on yesterday by Greg Divis24.0.0 #814/19/2024

Recent Open Issues

PG-269624.0.6BugAdd Sorting on Admin API Keys , Expiry for Personal KeysOpen
PG-268524.0.6BugAdd New Version Exists Patch RuleOpen
PG-268424.0.6BugAdd Download Blocking for Docker Feeds Open
PG-268024.0.6FeatureAdd compliance report for packagesAwaiting Testing
PG-265924.0.6FeatureAdd support to match SAML Groups to Built-In GroupsAwaiting Testing