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9805bb0a5d on 4/19/2024 by Greg Divis980.0.7 #13/27/2024
thousandf08467b on 6/12/2024 by Alex Papadimoulis, Inedo981.0.0 #414/19/2024

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ILIB-149950.5.8BugFIX: Allow JSON arrays as well as JSON objects to be posted to ApiKeySecuredHandlerAwaiting Testing
ILIB-148950.5.8BugFIX: Allow product-specific api key tokens in headers as well as generic X-ApiKeyNeeds Prioritization
ILIB-147950.5.7BugFIX: Better handling for reading upack.json that has a UTF-8 BOMAwaiting Testing
ILIB-137950.5.1BugFIX: Method remoting may fail when client is .net core and server is .net frameworkAwaiting Testing
ILIB-113950.1.5BugRemove AsParallel in PageFreeHandler to attempt to remove thread exhaustionOpen