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Issues Overview

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ILIB-157950.6.9BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: TemporaryStream should not get slower as it grows
ILIB-156950.6.9FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAdd WebServer Endpoint configuration
ILIB-154950.6.7BugAwaiting ReleaseUpdate NonModalPage.html to use ProductDescription
ILIB-153950.6.7BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: ToModalLink ignores redirectToOnClose
ILIB-151950.6.6BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Clear resolved assembly and type cache in Persistence when extensions are reloaded
ILIB-149950.5.8BugAwaiting TestingFIX: Allow JSON arrays as well as JSON objects to be posted to ApiKeySecuredHandler
ILIB-148950.5.8BugNeeds PrioritizationFIX: Allow product-specific api key tokens in headers as well as generic X-ApiKey
ILIB-147950.5.7BugAwaiting TestingFIX: Better handling for reading upack.json that has a UTF-8 BOM
ILIB-142950.5.6BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Add LicenseNotRequiredAttribute to the RedirectHandler
ILIB-146950.5.6BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: DirectoryEx.Create does not work properly on Linux if path has a space
ILIB-145950.5.5FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAdd support for singletons in ExtensionsManager
ILIB-144950.5.5BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Select2 losses value on post back when using GetOptions
ILIB-143950.5.5FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAdd Support for new Language highlighting
- Batch - Go - Javascript - Perl - Perl 6 - Python - Ruby
ILIB-140950.5.2BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Remove jquery version
ILIB-139950.5.2BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: ISimpleValidator should not validate hidden controls
ILIB-138950.5.2BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Encrypter can truncate decrypted values with some encryption algorithms
ILIB-137950.5.1BugAwaiting TestingFIX: Method remoting may fail when client is .net core and server is .net framework
ILIB-136950.3.4BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Users are only granted "log on as a service" right when first creating a service, not when updating a service
ILIB-134950.3.3BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: TagTextBox2 does not clear empty SelectedTags on Postback
ILIB-128950.3.2BugClosedFIX: Dark Mode: Select2 disabled style not showing properly
ILIB-122950.3.0BugClosedFIX: Misc style fixes
ILIB-121950.3.0FeatureClosedDeprecate BinaryFormatter usage and add alternative to SlimBinaryFormatter

BinaryFormatter is deprecated as of .net 5.0. We don't use it for that much, but the sooner we remove those cases, the easier any migration will be later.

ILIB-120950.3.0BugClosedFIX: PersistFromAttribute may not work on .net 5.0 in some cases
ILIB-119950.3.0FeatureClosedAdd CssUnit to support directly setting Width, Height on elements
ILIB-118950.2.1FeatureClosedAdd additional overloads to DatabaseContext to simplify generated code