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Issues Overview

This application is not configured to allow new issues to be created.

ILIB-136 950.3.4 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Users are only granted "log on as a service" right when first creating a service, not when updating a service
ILIB-134 950.3.3 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: TagTextBox2 does not clear empty SelectedTags on Postback
ILIB-128 950.3.2 Bug Closed FIX: Dark Mode: Select2 disabled style not showing properly
ILIB-122 950.3.0 Bug Closed FIX: Misc style fixes
ILIB-121 950.3.0 Feature Closed Deprecate BinaryFormatter usage and add alternative to SlimBinaryFormatter

BinaryFormatter is deprecated as of .net 5.0. We don't use it for that much, but the sooner we remove those cases, the easier any migration will be later.

ILIB-120 950.3.0 Bug Closed FIX: PersistFromAttribute may not work on .net 5.0 in some cases
ILIB-119 950.3.0 Feature Closed Add CssUnit to support directly setting Width, Height on elements
ILIB-118 950.2.1 Feature Closed Add additional overloads to DatabaseContext to simplify generated code
ILIB-117 950.2.1 Feature Closed Update PostBackButtonLink and ActionButtonLink to block multiple clicks and show working style
ILIB-114 950.2.1 Feature Closed Add AsyncLocal shim for .NET 4.5.2
ILIB-112 950.2.0 Feature Closed Update CSS Standards
ILIB-123 950.1.9 Bug Closed FIX: Extensions may not load when multiple products have the same extension cache path and are running under limited-access user accounts

To recreate install the same AWS version in BuildMaster and ProGet. Host in IIS and use ApplicationPoolIdentity.

ILIB-113 950.1.5 Bug Open Remove AsParallel in PageFreeHandler to attempt to remove thread exhaustion
ILIB-111 950.1.4 Feature Open Improve CSS Base Library
ILIB-110 950.1.4 Feature Closed Add option to use Encrypter.Default instead of MachineKey for AHWeb related encryption
ILIB-109 950.1.4 Feature Closed Add support for AES256 encryption and move encryption from Persistence to Inedo.Security.Encrypter
ILIB-108 950.1.4 Bug Closed FIX: Defer creation of child control collection in SimplePageControl to prevent exceptions in object initialization
ILIB-107 950.1.4 Bug Closed FIX: Extensible types may not resolve when used as generic type parameters (.net 5 only)
ILIB-106 950.1.3 Bug Open FIX: AhWebMiddleware is not setting the response status code to the value of caught HttpException's status code
ILIB-105 950.1.3 Bug Open FIX: Incorrect basic auth credentials should cause a 403 rather than be interpreted as anonymous access
ILIB-104 950.1.1 Feature Open Prevent modal dialog from animation and increasing height on postback/redirects
ILIB-103 950.1.1 Bug Open FIX: ISimpleCallbackHandler didn't terminate responses (impacts mostly AhTExtInput and GetAutoCompleteValues)
ILIB-101 950.0.8 Bug Open FIX: In .NET Core handler requests that throw errors do not return response headers

To recreate, make docker require auth, then try to authenticate. You will always get a 401. Using PostMan to test /v2/, you will see the headers for Vary and Docker-Distribution-API-Version are note being returned.

ILIB-98 950.0.7 Bug Open FIX: Basic auth not working in .net core
ILIB-97 950.0.7 Feature Closed Add logging for product activation issues