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111.3.0closedFIX: Issues returned from JIRA API search result missing resolution property causes an error
This condition results in a crash parsing the issue (and as a result, no issues appear in BuildMaster) since prior to Jira v7, this field was apparently always returned.
121.3.0closedImplement support for application and environment-scoped resource credentials
Support for application and environment scoped credentials supported as of BuildMaster v6.1.10
91.0.1closedFIX - Jira next gen issue transition changes
Could not transition issues in Jira next-gen projects due to JIRA Rest API throwing exception because next-gen project types do not currently have a fixVersion field. - Made fixVersion optional in transition operation by removing default value - Removed fixVersion placeholder - Added fromStatus to Jira context to allow jql filter on transition issue's fromStatus (otherwise JQL would return all issues in next-gen project due to no fixVersion)