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Change Scripts Overview

ScriptDeployableGroupReleaseLast Modified
Homepage update selection logic23.226/14/2024 5:40:42 AM by cys-josh
Update GetHomepage proc23.196/12/2024 12:54:54 AM by cys-josh
Update mizal to Mizal23.113/11/2024 6:32:44 PM by cys-josh
Update the Reading Corner description23.91/9/2024 3:25:03 AM by cys-josh
Update forum descriptions23.89/28/2023 6:52:00 PM by cys-josh
Add colorcoding indicator to user table23.57/25/2023 5:54:03 PM by cys-josh
Add Roles23.25/10/2023 8:42:51 PM by apapadimoulis@inedo.local
GiveNinjaTrophyNewUserTrophies21.710/8/2022 2:17:36 PM by cys-michael