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    aci-poc83b0f8e on 7/31/2023 by Richard Hessingerno builds
    bm23/osveV3a963030 on 8/31/2023 by Richard Hessingerno builds
    bm23/statement-finderv2f80895f on 9/1/2023 by Alex Papadimoulis, Inedono builds
    buildmaster22b1f3e06 on 9/14/2023 by Richard Hessinger22.0.16 #49/1/2023
    live-chata482c88 on 9/27/2023 by Richard Hessingerno builds
    thousand15e47bd on 11/8/2023 by Richard Hessinger23.0.0 #509/2/2023

    Recent Open Issues

    BM-391323.0.6BugFIX: Create application from template not using proxy settingsOpen
    BM-391423.0.6BugFIX: Extension Icons do not use Proxy SettingsOpen
    BM-391223.0.6BugFIX: "Edit Variables JSON" only allows global-scoped variablesOpen
    BM-391123.0.6BugFIX: Delete Git Service Connection does not cleanup Service directoryOpen
    BM-391023.0.6BugFIX: Azure Web App operations default to the wrong path for the az CLIOpen