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PG23/nuget-vuln3f7a4b1 on 5/19/2023 by Richard Hessingerno builds
PG23/perf-fixes-maybee78d2ed on 5/29/2023 by Alex Papadimoulis, Inedono builds
proget22b18b42c on 5/22/2023 by Alex Papadimoulis, Inedo22.0.27 #94/7/2023
thousand5561001 on 5/30/2023 by Greg Divis23.0.0 #735/5/2023

Recent Open Issues

PG-237323.0.7BugFIX: Handle nonnormalized PyPI package file names created in earlier versions of ProGetOpen
PG-236622.0.30BugFIX: Updating connector settings may clear connector filter list (v2022)Open
PG-233722.0.30BugFIX: [Linux/Docker Only] Cannot install new extensionsOpen
PG-231922.0.30FeatureAdd InstanceId to Edge Node ConfigurationOpen
PG-231922.0.29FeatureAdd InstanceId to Edge Node ConfigurationOpen