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Issues Overview

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PG-227322.0.19BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Case-insensitive file system wrapper may return false positives for file existence checks on Linux
PG-227422.0.19BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Universal package feeds may require Feeds_OverwritePackage when adding a package even if package does not already exist
PG-226422.0.19BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Do not consider local delete records when replication is not configured to propagate deletes
PG-226722.0.19FeatureAwaiting ReleaseHTTP/HTTPS Binding Options [2023 Preview Feature]
PG-227222.0.19BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Error promoting certain remote PyPi Packages
1. Create Two PyPI feeds, one w/ connector to 2. Try to promote numpy 1.20.1 Works if you pull or cache package first.
PG-227122.0.19BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Replication configuration can get improperly deleted after certain edits
PG-225922.0.17FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAdd SSL support for the Integrated Web Server
PG-225722.0.17BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Top 10 largest packages view does not filter on feed ID
Although `Dashboards_GetLargestPackages` inputs Feed_Id, it won't really work with the underlying view (`[DashboardPackages_Largest]`) b/c of how he uses TOP 10. Instead the view probably needs a CTE or something.
PG-225622.0.17FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAllow Package Delete on Edge Nodes
Currently, Edge Nodes are restricted from package deletes. This should be allowed, for diagnostic purpose.
PG-225822.0.17FeatureAwaiting ReleaseNew Docker feed replication system [preview]
PG-225322.0.17BugAwaiting ReleaseImprove performance of helm feeds in UI
PG-225122.0.16FeatureAwaiting TestingUpgrade InedoLib to v957.0.0
PG-225022.0.16BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Docker tag replication will not apply tags to duplicated images
If an image with the same digest exists in two different repositories, only the first repository will receive the tag.
PG-224522.0.16BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: npm replication not always including package tags
PG-224622.0.15BugCompletedFIX: Add the edit npm package tags page back to the UI
PG-224822.0.15BugCompletedFIX: Spurious exceptions written to log on some successful responses
PG-224722.0.15FeatureCompletedUpgrade InedoLib to v950.6.9
PG-224922.0.15BugCompletedFIX: Service arguments from v3 may cause issues on startup
The service had arguments of `/s /urls="http://*:80/"`, but did not log an error - which made it difficult to debug
PG-223622.0.15BugCompletedFIX: Multiple incoming replication configurations do not honor different sync tokens
PG-224422.0.14BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Deleting a specific UPACK version may delete all versions
PG-223822.0.14BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Copy Package Instructions button not visible when using light mode
PG-223722.0.14BugAwaiting ReleaseImplement Ruby `/` and `/info/GEM_NAME` endpoints
The lack of these seem to cause errors in some cases in Ruby3. They will also speed-up gem installs significantly, as the indexes don't need to be downloaded. `/` should return a 200 `/info/GEM_NAME` seems to text file of versions with dependencies and a checksum Example:
PG-223322.0.14BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Python Source Packages with non-rooted tarballs cannot be uploaded
See EDO-8787 for the example file. The `zzz-tools-1.0.0.tar.gz` file has just a single file, `home\zzzz\repo\package-zzz-tools-39\dist\tmpwfum54an\zzz_tools-1.0.0.tar`. When uploading via the website, it causes an error about not finding PKG-INFO.
PG-223422.0.14BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Docker connectors with prefixes do not strip "library/" prefix for images with no namespace
PG-223522.0.14BugAwaiting ReleaseAdd support for prerelease_specs.4.8.gz in rubygems feeds