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Issues Overview

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PG-237323.0.7BugOpenFIX: Handle nonnormalized PyPI package file names created in earlier versions of ProGet
PG-237423.0.7BugIn ProgressAdditional performance improvements (NuGet_GetPackage, etc)
PG-237523.0.7BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: NuGet packages with aliased versions may not be downloaded ( and 16.2.0)
PG-237623.0.7BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Helm Connector: show option to omit packages with invalid metadata
PG-237723.0.7FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAdd extended tag data API to Docker feeds
PG-237823.0.7BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Conda packages with null licenses cause feed page to display error instead of package
PG-236723.0.6InquiryAwaiting ReleaseAdd "Bulk Edit" for Connector Filters
PG-236823.0.6BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Individual feeds to migrate option is not always respected
PG-236923.0.6BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: MigrationSkipped flag should be reset to false on successful feed migration
PG-236423.0.5BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Updating connector settings may clear connector filter list
PG-236523.0.5BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Potential performance improvement for timeouts/errors with NuGet_GetPackage
PG-236323.0.5BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Dashboard Feeds pie chart always shows in bytes
PG-235623.0.5BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Migration execution may be incorrect and not restartable
PG-235723.0.5BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Some advanced settings on feeds are not properly persisted
PG-235523.0.5BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Fix for deadlock issues (FeedPackageVersions_RecordDownload)
PG-235823.0.5BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Release Analysis behaves differently when run interactively and via the scheduled task
PG-235923.0.5FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAdd vulnerability details to the NuGet V3 API for integration with Visual Studio and the NuGet CLI
PG-236023.0.5BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: HTTP/S Settings Page generates a self-signed certificate with an invalid certificate chain
PG-236123.0.5BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Spurious task canceled exceptions logged in diagnostic center
PG-236223.0.5BugAwaiting ReleaseUpgrade InedoLib to v980.0.2
PG-235423.0.5BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Requests for uncached scoped npm connector packages can fail with 404
PG-235323.0.5FeatureAwaiting ReleaseImplement content filter for docker feed replication
PG-234823.0.4BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: VSIX packages with embedded images may throw a 404 exception
PG-234623.0.4BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Local Packages Page bulk edit shows no packages are selected
PG-235023.0.4BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Helm chart download blocking errors with unable to cast object exception.