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PG-2214 22.0.10 Feature Open Add add autocomplete drop down for popular Docker registries
DockerHub, MCR, GitLab?
PG-2212 22.0.10 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Upack contentOnly (Download as Zip) handler does not download contents with improper path encodings
PG-2215 22.0.10 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Feed Management API shouldn't require API Key to view anonymous feeds
PG-2213 22.0.10 Feature Awaiting Release Add NugetRequestLimit Advanced Setting to help with v2022 upgrade performance
[Experimental] When a nonzero value is set, a request queue will be created on the NuGet API that will limit the number of requests to be processed at a time. Requests outside this limit will wait. Do not set this unless directed by supported.
PG-2209 22.0.9 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: ProGet.Service.exe "install" command may register a .dll instead of an .exe
PG-2210 22.0.9 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Some npm remote registries do not return a "time" property in their metadata
PG-2211 22.0.9 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: npm connector shows anonymous authentication when only a password is entered for token authentication
PG-2203 22.0.8 Bug Completed FIX: License & Activation Page does not show edge node configuration [Edge Edition]
PG-2204 22.0.8 Bug Completed FIX: Homepage may prompt for license when configured as edge node [Edge Edition]
PG-2206 22.0.8 Bug Completed FIX: Feed management API is missing data for certain Conda and rpm feeds
PG-2205 22.0.8 Bug Completed FIX: Edge node not always passing instance name, category, and sub category during replication [Edge Edition]
PG-2207 22.0.8 Bug Completed FIX: Embedded file licenses for local NuGet packages may result in incorrect API urls
PG-2208 22.0.8 Bug Completed FIX: When using multiple login options, hitting enter on Login Page changes tabs instead of logging in.
PG-2198 22.0.8 Bug Completed FIX: Edition text in footer may be incorrect depending on license key
PG-2199 22.0.8 Bug Completed FIX: Feed Cache not invalidated when changing license rules on license type page
PG-2200 22.0.8 Bug Completed FIX: SCA API error when uploading a SBOM with no components
PG-2201 22.0.8 Bug Completed FIX: Replication dashboard may error when a deleted feed isn't removed from cache
PG-2202 22.0.8 Bug Completed FIX: Automatic activation on web clusters may incorrectly overwrite activation codes
PG-2195 22.0.7 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Conda connector indexing can fail when a package has multiple source_urls
PG-2191 22.0.7 Feature Awaiting Release Improvements to simplify white labeling [ISV Edition][Preview Feature]
- Change the tiles to include an “All Versions” link in the box - Hide the “Promote Package” button when the user does not have promote to permissions - Change the usage instructions display when only one usage instruction exists - Add new CSS class names to the feed and package pages - Add a package name filter
PG-2193 22.0.7 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Upgrade InedoLib to v950.6.8
PG-2194 22.0.7 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Error downloading Helm charts with improperly formatted "urls" metadata
PG-2188 22.0.6 Bug In Progress FIX: An "index out of bounds" error may occur when deleting or promoting certain conda packages
To Repro Delete issue: 1. Pull `plotly 5.9.0` to ProGet from anaconda connector (this takes a LONG time) 2. Try to Delete Promotion issue: 1. Pull `plotly 5.9.0` (as a remote package) from one feed to another 2. Note that only the linux packages are promoted
PG-2190 22.0.6 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Allow . in legacy NuGet version prerelease field
PG-2192 22.0.6 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Delete package page does not work in some feed types