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Issues Overview

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PG-1961 5.3.29 Feature Closed Update InedoLib to v950.1.8
PG-1960 5.3.29 Feature Closed Improve package hashing performance
PG-1959 5.3.29 Bug Closed FIX: Package consumer dependent feed package URL linking to consumed package instead of consumer
PG-1957 5.3.29 Feature Closed Add Delete Button to Package Consumer Records

Currently there is no way to delete them from the UI; a single X delete button would be fine.

PG-1956 5.3.29 Bug Closed FIX: Package Consumers Table may get cut off on page
PG-1955 5.3.29 Bug Closed Add timeout to feed replication task runner

If it takes longer than twice the configured replication interval, cancel the attempt and try again.

PG-1954 5.3.29 Feature Closed Add clarification for self-connectors on PyPi feeds

Note that the endpoints should not include /simple when creating a self-connector.

PG-1953 5.3.29 Bug Closed FIX: OSS Index not pulling vulnerabities for Pypi packages
PG-1952 5.3.29 Feature Closed Add caching for UserConfig values
PG-1912 5.3.29 Bug Closed FIX: NPM filters not showing a blocked button in the UI when a package is blocked
PG-1951 5.3.28 Feature Closed Update InedoLib to v950.1.7
PG-1950 5.3.28 Bug Closed FIX: Do not try to send error back to client if an exception happens after headers have already been written in a Docker API request
PG-1949 5.3.28 Bug Closed FIX: ContainerConfig blob association may is not preserved in Docker feed replication for some images
PG-1948 5.3.28 Bug Closed FIX: Docker renamed images fail to upload with `TR__DockerImages__ValidateUniqueDigest Image_Digest must be unique across the containing feed` error
PG-1947 5.3.28 Bug Closed FIX: /health Handler may mistakenly report error on replication status
PG-1946 5.3.28 Bug Closed Stop logging DockerExceptions that have been reported to the client

Currently, "expected" DockerException messages are filling up the diagnostic center, and making it difficult to find unexpected/unhandled errors.

Like NuGet feeds, we should consider simply not logging DockerException messages, as they are always returned to the client. Alternatively, we can log them at the Debug-level, as they're clearly reported to the client and server-side errors won't usually help administrators debug client problems.

See EDO-7587

PG-1944 5.3.28 Bug Closed FIX: Invalid Legacy NuGet Versions can be added to NuGet Feeds

The attached file can be uploaded via the UI (and probably PUT), but it can't be downloaded due to validation on NuGetApi.cs#138.

Per the documentation, uploafing should not be allowed:

PG-1939 5.3.28 Bug Closed FIX: Docker Image Promotion via API

The PackagePromotionApiHandler.cs#234 isn't handling the special case of docker image promotion (See PG-1732), and should follow/combine the specialized logic from PromoteTagPage.cs#97

PG-1933 5.3.28 Feature Closed Add option to ignore invalid API Keys on

Update documentation as appropriate.

Add bool AllowInvalidApiKeys to NuGet config, and edit NuGetFeedHandler::ProcessNuGetApiKey to return true if this setting is enabled, and no API key is found.

On Manage Feed Page, add "Invalid API Keys" row below "Supported API" that shows one of two options depending on the value of AllowInvalidApiKeys
✔ Reject Requests with invalid API keys
⚠ Ignore invalid API keys if already authenticated

On the [change] modal page, give an Infobox and the drop down with the two options.

Text: Some NuGet clients, such as the PowerShellGet client, requires an API key to be used even if the request is already authenticated with a name/password or Integrated Windows Authentication. This setting allows you to enter anything you'd like for the API key, and ProGet will simply ignore an invalid key.

PG-1943 5.3.27 Bug Closed FIX: Container usage tracking truncating server name is longer than 50 characters, expand to 250 characters
PG-1942 5.3.27 Bug Closed FIX: FeedEndpointHandler may associate incorrect feed with request on very heavy loads

fixes a regression introduced in v5.3.22

PG-1941 5.3.27 Bug Closed FIX: Universal Packages throw null reference exception if the manifest is missing a description
PG-1940 5.3.27 Feature Closed Add additional debug logging to package not found (404) errors
PG-1938 5.3.27 Bug Closed FIX: RPM packages can only download the latest version
PG-1937 5.3.27 Feature Closed FIX: License information should not be shown as Metadata for Helm Charts

This License Detection & Blocking feature is primarily intended for third-party developer packages; Helm charts are generally first-party, and even the third-party charts don't have a consistent license format.