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PG-1848 5.3.15 Bug Closed FIX: Missing css file causing web app display issues [regression]
PG-1824 5.3.12 Bug Closed FIX: Download link for NuGet packages does not provide correct filename to browsers
PG-1823 5.3.12 Bug Closed FIX: Feed management page may display incorrect file system/package store
PG-1822 5.3.12 Bug Closed FIX: Docker Strict Versioning is requiring ProGet Enterprise instead of any paid edition of ProGet
PG-1821 5.3.12 Bug Closed FIX: Docker Login won't work with an API key that is not using user impersonation

When creating an API Key to use with Docker, a user will get a 403 if the API Key is not impersonating a user.

PG-1820 5.3.12 Bug Closed FIX: License detection on Package Overview Page differs from Download blocking

The License detection on the Package Overview Page generates a different license string than the download blocking.

PacakgeOverviewPage.cs - GetLicenseInfo()
IBrowsablePackageFeed.cs - CommonPackageInfo - GetBlockedMessageAsync(bool bypassFree = false)

To recreate this:

  • pull SpecFlow 3.3.30 to ProGet
  • add the license from the Package Overview Page
  • Set the feed to block licenses by default
PG-1819 5.3.12 Bug Closed FIX: Usage Instructions displaying improperly

If the Usage Instructions include HTML in them, they would not render the HTML, instead, it would just display the HTML code as text.

PG-1818 5.3.12 Bug Closed Update InedoLib to v950.0.6
PG-1817 5.3.12 Bug Closed Add Advanced Setting to wait for webhooks to be dispatched before completing request
PG-1810 5.3.12 Bug Closed FIX: Webhooks for Docker may not be triggered