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Issues Overview

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192.0.1closedFIX: Conda Package Vulnerabilities (v2 SDK)
Same as #18
152.0.0closedUpgrade to Inedo.SDK 2.0.1
181.9.5closedFIX: Conda Package Vulnerabilities
161.9.4closedFIX: Authorization header may be missing on subsequent requests, triggering 429
141.9.3closedFIX: Sonatype Request not using ProGet proxy settings
131.9.2closedFIX: Pass the CVS Score to the Score property of VulnerabilityInfo
121.9.1closedFIX: Sonatype OSS Index now requires NPM scopes to include %40 (@)
91.1.3closedImplement an OSS Index package access rule
Vulnerability sources do not work on connector packages unless the packages are cached locally. A package access rule should be added as a stopgap.
111.1.2closedAdd better logging with an additional option to log every package version requested