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Issues Overview

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IEE-38100.0.0BugClosedFIX: Dependencies should not be included in NuGet package
IEE-3676BugClosedFIX: Nested/Inline modules can't be called from async blocks
module Hello-Dears
    Log-Information 1000;

# This will work
    call Hello-Dears();

# This will not work
with async
    call Hello-Dears();
IEE-3575BugOpenAdd Executer Context to IHasNamespacedTemplates
IEE-2174FeatureClosedAllow variable expansion in "async" and "lock" execution directive values
IEE-3374BugClosedFIX: Log scopes in asynchronous contexts are not inherited properly
IEE-3474FeatureClosedAdd more information to variable name parse error messages
IEE-2173FeatureOpenAllow variable expansion in lock token

Maybe extend this to all with directive values - evaluate risks of doing so.

IEE-3273BugOpenFIX: != predicate is not evaluated correctly in some circumstances [regression from v72]
IEE-2972FeatureClosedAdd IExtendedContextSetter interface

This will allow the context to be changed on entering any block; needed for agent impersonation/isolation.

IEE-3072BugClosedFIX: NullReferenceException when specifying a custom flag in an execution directive statement with no value
IEE-3172FeatureClosedAdd support for "/" in call statement
IEE-2871BugClosedAdd ISettableRuntimeVariable interface

This is needed to capture variables from a hosted execution context.

IEE-1470FeatureClosedAllow expression after throw statement

Extend the throw statement to support an optional expression. The new formal grammar will be:

throw_statement ::=
  throw[ /literal_expression/];

When specified and the expression evaluates to a string containing any non-whitespace characters, the expression should be written to the current log scope as an error message.

This is essentially a shorthand for Log-Error.

IEE-2470BugClosedFIX: Execution directive statements have case-sensitive flags

See merge request !20

IEE-2670FeatureClosedAllow parent log scope to be specified in ExecuterThread's constructor
IEE-2770FeatureClosedAdd support for variable expansion in SetNamedPropertiesAsync
IEE-2569FeatureClosedAdd ability to convert RuntimeValue to a ProcessedString
IEE-2368BugClosedFIX: ArgumentException raised when trying to use map variables as output parameters for operations
IEE-2267TaskOpenAdd context to the TryGetGlobalTemplate and TryGetGlobalVariable methods
IEE-1666BugClosedFIX: Errors caused by a "with timeout" statement cannot be caught
IEE-1766FeatureClosed"await" statements update the execution status as soon as each thread finishes instead of waiting for all threads
IEE-1866FeatureClosedmark operations that are waiting for an external resource to become available

The "stalled" state is intended to be used in cases where an operation cannot make progress until some external change is made.


  • Perform-ManualOperation
  • Acquire-Server


  • InedoCore::Sleep
  • Download-Http
IEE-1165BugClosedFIX: AH:EvaluateStatementDescriptions is computed at execution level instead of plan level

This change will make templates evaluate descriptions if and only if the template has an ##AH:EvaluateStatementDescriptions header.

IEE-1265BugClosedFIX: AH:EvaluateStatementDescriptions cannot find execution variables on the description of a "with async" block
IEE-1365FeatureClosedAdd IEnterExitBlockNotify interface

This will (optionally) enable host environment implementers to receive notifications when execution logically enters or exits a scoped statement block.