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Issues Overview

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119 2.1.0 closed FIX: Restore ISyncRaft implementation
115 1.12.4 open Allow commiting raft changes without a user
114 1.12.3 closed FIX: RaftItems losing folder paths when loading raft items
113 1.12.2 closed [Azure DevOps] Add Other Fields to Update Work Item
Add a property to Update Work Item that takes a map variable that contains other fields to update. The key of the map should be the column name (ex: set %test[System.WorkItemType] = Ticket).
112 1.12.2 closed Add Find-WorkItems operation to AzureDevOps
111 1.12.2 closed Usability improvements to Upload Assets operation
109 1.12.0 closed Add new Variable Templates to GitLab, GitHub, and Azure DevOps
107 1.10.3 closed FIX: LibGitSharp does not work on Docker/Linux
106 1.10.3 closed FIX: Git raft not returning sub folders
105 1.10.3 closed FIX: GitHub Serialization cannot convert JOBject to Dictionary<string, object>
103 1.10.1 closed FIX: RaftRepository wouldn't show in Otter due to missing attribute
104 1.7.7 closed Add RepositoryUrl, UserName, Password, and CredentialName to GitRepositoryMonitor
As part of BuildMaster 6.2 / SDK 1.7, we removed the ability to directly set a Url, Username, and Password on a GitRepositoryMonitor. Here's what the fields used to look like: Let's add these back, so that users can override or set these instead of having to use a resource. See EDO-7417 for more context
102 1.7.6 closed Fix: GitHub Auth
GitHub no longer supports Username and Password authentication. Switch it over to personal access tokens and use the token based authorize header.
101 1.7.6 closed BuildMaster Dynamic List Not Giving Option for Secure Resource
When setting up a GitLab based dynamic list, you cannot select a secure resource causing the dynamic list to fail with the error, `Could not find resource ''`.
100 1.7.6 closed GitLab: ResourceName is not shown in BranchList Variable Source
95 1.7.4 closed Improve performance of fetching raft item metadata
96 1.7.4 closed Implement ISyncRaft on GitRaftRepository2
97 1.7.4 closed Optimize raft performance
94 1.7.3 closed FIX: Missing "From" operation property results in error at run time
The error generated is: ``` Unhandled exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Inedo.Extensions.AzureDevOps.Operations.GitHubGetSourceOperation.GetRepositoryUrlAsync(ICredentialResolutionContext context, CancellationToken cancellationToken) ```
77 1.7.2 closed Clarify "group" in operation label for GitLab
The GitLab operations refer to the namespace as "group", it should be changed with help text added to clarify as per: Changes: - "Group" should be "Namespace" - Default text - "e.g. username (default) or group/sub_group" - Help text - "BuildMaster will use the user account as the default namespace when searching for a project name"
88 1.7.2 closed FIX: Git RaftItems don't have correct content for previous versions This makes comparison of two items not work
90 1.7.2 closed Add GitHub project-based issue source
91 1.7.2 closed Add credential support to the git raft
92 1.7.2 closed Add option to set last-modified time for all files on get source operations
84 1.7.1 closed FIX: Error if email address isn't set on Git Rafts
Git-1.7: Add SecureCredentials to Rafts, Add default email for commits (when none available)