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Issues Overview

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15 1.10.2 closed Add AdditionalArguments to Docker Run
14 1.7.3 closed Remove [Required] from ComposeFileYaml to enable use of default compose file and overrides
9 1.7.3 closed Do not require internal path and command on Assemble-Image operation
Assemble-Image currently requires you to enter an `Internal Path` and a `Command`. By not requiring them, it allows you to use what was set in the base image by default.
10 1.7.3 closed Add support for docker-compose.yaml file path in addition to file contents
Will need `ComposeYaml` to double as file contents or yaml file path. Will need to be able to optionally specify the working directory.
11 1.7.3 closed Add docker exec operation
Add docker exec operation. This is useful to run commands in running containers. Example: run a postgres database backup in a postgres container.
12 1.7.3 closed Add ContainerSource to Docker-Compose operations to support Docker Login
Add ContainerSource to Docker-Compose operations to support Docker Login so the use of private registries that require authentication to pull images.
8 1.7.3 closed Add RemoveAfterPush option to Docker::Build-Image
7 1.7.1 closed Naming issues
Fixed issues with container and registry naming issues #6
6 1.7.1 closed Fix issue with improper container name
When using this extension, the docker container names are being generated incorrectly.
5 1.7.0 closed Update to SDK 1.7.0