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60 1.12.0 closed Upgrade to SDK 1.12
59 1.7.2 closed Some logging return {0} instead of variable value
Many places in the code is missing either String.format() or should use string interpolation ${} to include the variables as currently it does not work as you can see below, the LogDebug function does *not* do string replacement properly by itself : ` this.Logger.LogDebug("Triggering build configuration {0}...", this.BuildConfigurationId); ` See the output in BM missing the variable value : ![image](
58 1.7.2 closed Added Secure Resource, Secure Credentials
51 1.3.1 closed Support for TLS v1.2 without registry hack
52 1.3.1 closed FIX: Incorrect project ID used to resolve application-scoped credentials
50 1.3.0 closed FIX: Application-scoped resource credentials are not loaded correctly for suggestion providers