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252.0.3closedFallback is to assume we are running on AWS
When no credentials are supplied, assume we are running on AWS and therefore already have credentials to push to S3. No AWSCredentials object needed. Presendce Access Key and Secret Key Role from Instance Profile Credentials of the instance/task running on AWS.
191.11.5openLog S3 RequestId when errors happen
When an AmazonS3Exception happens, log a debug message that includes the RequestId.
161.11.3closedFIX: Add workaround for ProGet requesting Length of unseekable stream in PyPI feeds
91.8.2closedFIX: Improve handling for listing directory contents and creating directories
41.0.3openAdd support for custom service URLs for S3 file system
Currently, the service URLs are inherent based on the region endpoints. This allows for configuration beyond the explicit regions provided by AWS as documented here: