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Issues Overview

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152.0.1closedObsolete Install-Package, Ensure-Feature, Ensure-Source
162.0.1closedFIX: Ensure-Installed throws powershell errors
172.0.1closedAdd Chocolatey Secure Resource
192.0.1closedFIX: Version and PackageName suggestion provider not working
202.0.1closedAdd support for API Key/Token Secure Credential type
91.0.6closedFIX: EnsurePackageOperation ignores version number for collection executions
The `CollectAsync()` method ignores the `Version` property. Note: this does not affect configuration execution runs.
101.0.6closedFIX: Package name suggestion provider ignores search text and returns results in random order
- Results should be sorted alphabetically - Results should be filtered by the search text
111.0.6closedSort version number suggestions in descending order
Descending order ensures the latest version is at the top of the list.