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buildmaster7376a208 on 3/23/2023 by Greg Divis7.0.25 #311/18/2022
thousand85f698e on 3/17/2023 by Alex Papadimoulis, Inedo22.0.0 #29512/2/2022

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Recent Open Issues

BM-382922.0.5BugFIX: Silent Installation does not properly set set custom account information for Service/AppPoolOpen
BM-37577.0.16BugFIX: Create Release not saving raft scope on release templatesOpen
BM-37427.0.12FeaturePerformance improvement on BuildOverview pageAwaiting Testing
BM-37317.0.8BugFIX: Retention Policies may not run depending on high-availability settingsAwaiting Testing
BM-37197.0.6FeatureProxy Application Templates Icons through server instead of direct downloadAwaiting Testing