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Issues Overview

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BM-380922.0.2BugCompletedFIX: UI/Display Error on Edit Tasks / Permissions Page
BM-380822.0.2BugCompletedFIX: Error deploying configuration file instance in a releaseless-build
BM-380622.0.2BugCompletedFIX: Create/Edit Pipeline variable constants page is missing the value field
BM-380522.0.2BugCompletedUpdate default pipeline stage names in templates (Test -> Testing)
BM-380222.0.1BugCompletedFIX: Fix Aauth cookie name to be different than ProGet
BM-380322.0.1BugCompletedFIX: Cannot back up an application that doesn't have a setup template
BM-380422.0.1FeatureCompletedAdd option to back up application to directory
BM-37997.0.25BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: pipelineName in Create Release From Template API wasn't recognized
BM-37937.0.24BugAwaiting ReleaseAdd support for SSH Agents on Restart-Server Operation
BM-37877.0.23BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Escaped $ characters trigger missing keys on template instance page
A template that contains an escaped $ (e.g. `${machinename}) triggers a message on the instance page that there are missing keys when there are not
BM-37857.0.23BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Create Target Date on the Release Overview page throws a null reference exception
BM-37897.0.22BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Cloning applications into a Git repository may result in error when committing raft changes
BM-37907.0.22FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAPI: add ability to clone/import to a different raft
BM-37917.0.22BugAwaiting ReleaseAdd pipelineName to Create Release From Template API
BM-37927.0.22BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Email event listener editor may add empty lines when adding multiple email addresses
BM-37887.0.21BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Error creating GitLab Webhooks
BM-37817.0.20FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAdd warning when using scoped credentials for SSH agents
BM-37847.0.20FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAdd index on Builds table to improve some queries
BM-37827.0.20FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAdd warning when using scoped credentials for all agents
BM-37837.0.20FeatureAwaiting ReleaseAdd $PromotionComments variable function
$PromotionComments([stageName], [buildNumber], [releaseNumber], [applicationName])
BM-37867.0.20FeatureAwaiting ReleaseUpgrade InedoLib to v950.5.7
BM-37797.0.19BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Incorrect permissions for deployment script history pages
BM-37807.0.19FeatureAwaiting ReleaseUpgrade InedoLib to v950.5.6
BM-37777.0.19BugAwaiting ReleaseFIX: Artifacts overview filter doesn't populate release or builds upon application selection
BM-37787.0.19FeatureAwaiting ReleaseApplication Management API
Implement the [Application Management API](