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Issues Overview

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122.2.3bugclosedFIX: vswhere is not invoked properly when running on a remote server for some operations
91.11.5openFIX: DotNet Tool install not using package source
41.11.4closedFIX: dotnet tool does not actually execute tool it's already installed
51.11.4closedAdd net6.0 to target framework suggestion list
61.11.4closedFIX: MSBuild::Build-Project may try to run arm64 executable on x86/x64 server
71.11.4closedUpdate vswhere.exe to latest version
81.11.4closedUpdate nuget.exe to latest version
31.11.3closedAdd dotnet tool operation
21.11.2closedAdd Secure Resource Suggestion Provider to PackageSource on RestoreNuGetPackagesOperation
11.11.1closedAdd properties to PushPackage to properly replace Publish