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Issues Overview

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OT-466 22.0.3 Feature Open New Extensions UI
New design with the following features: - Easily configurable extension source (stable, prerelease, custom) - Selectable Install Versions - Bulk Install - Fixed reload extensions button - Downgrade extension support
OT-465 22.0.3 Feature Open Add Clickjacking Protection
OT-468 22.0.3 Feature Open Add OtterScript Parameters and Description to OtterScript Visual Editor v2 (Visual Augmented Help)
This will not include Legacy OtterScript Modules, only OtterScripts with augmented help
OT-467 22.0.3 Feature Open New Diff Editor based on Monaco Editor
- Create Reusable Diff Editor control - Update Script History to use this - Update Job Template History to use this - Update Server Role desired configuration history to use this
OT-472 22.0.3 Bug In Progress FIX: OtterScript Visual Editor script statements not properly adding scripts in secondary rafts
OT-471 22.0.2 Feature Completed Upgrade InedoLib to v950.6.2
OT-461 22.0.2 Bug Completed FIX: Cannot create folders in Scripts and Job Templates when only one raft exists
OT-464 22.0.2 Bug Completed FIX: Integrated Authentication: LOGON_USER not passed to application
OT-463 22.0.1 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Edit desired configuration button on server role opens a popup and redirects parent page
OT-462 22.0.1 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: New roles cannot edit the desired configuration
OT-470 3.0.25 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Cannot create folders in Scripts and Job Templates when only one raft exists
Merge from OT-461
OT-460 3.0.24 Bug Awaiting Release FIX: Powershell Scripting Operations in new Visual Editor may not edit correctly