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Issues Overview

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131.14.1closedFIX: Errors in some cases with new-style PowerShell operations
111.14.0closedAdd Support for Augmented Headers in Shell/Bash scripts
91.14.0closedAdd support for Batch Scripting
71.14.0closedAdd support for Python scripting
61.13.0closedImplement SDK 1.13
51.10.6closedFIX: SHEnsure does not autocomplete script assets
41.10.4closedFix PSCall on BuildMaster (Workaround)
21.10.3closedAdd Minuimum Version to Ensure-PSModule
31.10.3closedAdd Ensure-PSRepository operation
11.10.2closedFIX: PSEnsure shouldn't require AHCURRENTVALUE