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44 2.3.0 closed Allow single file as source argument for the pack command
The documentation for `pack` mentions that you need to add an entire directory as the contents for a new upack. This is logical, because the tool needs to know what the root directory of the contents should be. It would be great if `pack` would also accept a single file as `source` argument. The use-case for us would be to make it easy to create a build dependency package containing for instance the .NET platform (`NDP461-KB3102436-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe`) or the XNA redistributable (`xnafx40_redist.msi`).
55 2.3.0 closed Adding the version command
I believe this is really trivial to any command line utility to have the ability to get the version. I did not change the Assembly version (currently, but I believe the Inedo team can handle it in the next release of software (add the according Assembly version). Our use case is that we have a tool that checks every installed tools for TeamCity agents for updates. Without this PR, I would have to take the output of 'upack', select the version in the first row. Although that could work, I believe it is better to have a specific command for it. All the other tools (node, npm, dotnet cli, etc) has a `-v` or `-version`, therefore `upack version` seems appropriate.
56 2.3.0 closed Add support for TLS 1.2
The client should ensure TLS 1.2 is supported with: `ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol | SecurityProtocolType.Tls12;`
60 2.3.0 closed Closes #44
30 2.2.2 closed Update upack to add audit-based properties to packages
upack.exe should include the JSON properties listed under "Additional Audit-based Properties (Optional)" documented here: - anytime a package is created with the `pack` or `repack` command, these properties should be added to the manifest unless a new argument `--no-audit` is supplied - add optional `--note` argument that populates the `createdReason` (not `creatednReason` as doc'd obviously, we'll fix the docs)
33 2.2.2 closed Re-organize source code
The source code for this project should follow this structure from the repository root: ``` /src/dotnet/ - upack.sln -upack.nuspec -upack/*.cs /src/go/*.go .gitattributes .gitignore LICENSE ```
32 2.2.2 closed Add "metadata" command that formats a remote package's metadata
This command should output metadata as key/value pairs to stdout. Here is the spec/docs that should also be added to the README: ### metadata Displays metadata for a remote ProGet universal package. upack metadata «package» [«version»] --source=«source» [--file=«file»] - **`package`** - Package name and group, such as group/name. - `version` - Package version. If not specified, the latest version is retrieved. - **`source`** - URL of a upack API endpoint. - `file` - The metadata file to display relative to the .upack root; the default is upack.json.
31 2.2.2 closed FIX: Repack error
Repacking a package that has been repacked throws: ``` Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: Argument is not a JToken. at Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JContainer.EnsureValue(Object value) at Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JContainer.System.Collections.IList.Add(Object value) at Inedo.ProGet.UPack.Repack.d__48.MoveNext() ```
26 2.2.0 open Add "repack" Command
This is documented in the 1.2.0 of the Universal Package, and should add the appropriate entry to the repackageHistory node repack [DisplayName("package")] [Description("Path of a valid .upack file.")] [PositionalArgument(0)] public string Package { get; set; } [DisplayName("newVersion")] [Description("Version of repackaged package.")] [PositionalArgument(1)] public string Version { get; set; } [DisplayName("newGroup")] [Description("Group of repackaged package.")] [ExtraArgument] public string Group { get; set; } [DisplayName("newName")] [Description("Name of repackaged package.")] [ExtraArgument] public string Name { get; set; } [DisplayName("targetDirectory")] [Description("Directory where the .upack file will be created. If not specified, the current working directory is used.")] [ExtraArgument] public string TargetDirectory { get; set; } [DisplayName("note")] [Description("Comment or note about the repackaging; this will be written as the 'reason'.")] [ExtraArgument] public string TargetDirectory { get; set; }
27 2.2.0 closed Add "hash" and "verify" commands [idea in progress]
hash - given a upack file, writes a sha1 hash to the console verify - something Perhaps we should ad this to the other coammdns as well? like a --verify or something to check a hash against a file
25 2.2.0 closed Change "metadata" to "manifest" on "pack" command
We should have an alias for "metadata" for backwards compatibility
7 2.1.0 closed Local registry (cache)
6 2.1.0 closed Modify Go implementation to match C# argument parsing
5 2.1.0 closed Machine package registry
- C# implementation - [ ] `upack install` caching - [ ] `upack list` - Go implementation - [ ] `upack install` caching - [ ] `upack list`
16 2.1.0 closed Add --perserve-timestamps option to upack install and upack unpack
15 2.1.0 closed [Windows version] upack install fails if it takes more than 100 seconds.
12 2.1.0 closed Support "upack help commandname" as an alias of "upack commandname --help"
11 2.1.0 closed FIX: upack crashes on timestamps with time zones in the local package registry