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Issues Overview

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92 2.0.1 closed FIX: IIS::Ensure-AppPool may overwrite Username/Password in identity
93 1.12.3 closed FIX: IIS::Ensure-AppPool may overwrite Username/Password in identity (1.12 backport)
90 1.12.2 closed FIX: EnusreIISAppPool does nto show the PeriodicRestartSchedule operation property
87 1.12.0 closed Upgrade to SDK 1.12.0
83 1.7.3 closed FIX: PowerShell operations should respect OtterScript's WorkingDirectory
76 1.7.1 closed Fix PowerShell receiving OtterScript lists as string arrays.
78 1.7.0 closed Update to SDK 1.7.0
84 1.6.3 closed FIX: PowerShell scripts fail when current working directory doesn't exist [regression]
82 1.6.1 closed FIX: Possible unhandled exception trying to extract description for PSCall operation that references a script in a pipeline raft
81 1.6.0 open FIX: Use correct default raft name when resolving PowerShell scripts for Otter
80 1.6.0 closed FIX: PSCall is not resolving scripts in pipeline-rafts in Otter
70 1.0.17 closed Allows $PsCredential function to reference UserNamePassword credentials
Currently, the function arguments are username and password, which requires `$CredentialProperty` on an existing set of credentials. The function should also be able to accept a name of an existing instance of `UserNamePasswordCredentials` and use those as well.
73 1.0.16 closed Add SuccessExitCode to PSExec and PSCall
This should be identical to Execute Process, except that it should default to null as to keep with current behavior. `SuccessExitCode` **Success exit code**. Integer exit code which indicates no error. The default is empty, which means that the error code will not be used to evaluate success. This can also be an integer prefixed with an inequality operator (e.g. ">=0" or "<5").
75 1.0.16 closed FIX: IIS::Ensure-Site should only operate on the root application for multi-application sites
If there are multiple applications defined for an IIS Site, the `IIS::Ensure-Site` operation currently configures the first one based on the order defined in `applicationHost.config`. Instead, it should look for the element with `path="/"`, and configure that application. Additional IIS applications should be defined using `IIS::Ensure-Application`.