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ExecutionBuildPipeline (Stage)BranchExecution Time
4/23/2024 9:36:30 PM3.0.0 #94/19/2024Release (Pubish to NuGet)master2min, 37.38s
4/19/2024 11:28:24 PM3.0.0 #94/19/2024Release (Deploy SDK Docs)master3min, 58.48s
4/19/2024 9:57:04 PM3.0.0 #94/19/2024Release (Build SDK Docs)master0min, 11.34s
4/19/2024 9:49:53 PM3.0.0 #94/19/2024Release (Build SDK Docs)master0min, 5.70s
4/19/2024 9:49:24 PM3.0.0 #94/19/2024Release (Release)master0min, 4.00s
4/19/2024 9:49:08 PM3.0.0 #94/19/2024Release (RC)master0min, 0.23s
4/19/2024 9:47:58 PM3.0.0 #94/19/2024Release (Build)master0min, 26.74s