✗ Java (Ant) CI/CD Template Cannot be Applied

You must install the "GitHub" extension and the "Java" extension to use this template; this is usually done from Administration > Extensions.

A sample Java web application configuration that pulls source from GitHub, builds with Ant, and creates an artifact.To select a different settings template, go to Advanced Settings.

Setting Description
GitHub Repository The "GitHub" resource credential is configured (inedo\ProfitCalcJava @ GitHub.com) to connects to a repository hosted on GitHub.com or a GitHub Enterprise instance. Secure Resources
Release Pipeline The "Release" pipeline is used to get source by configured branch, build and test artifacts, deploy to a series of targets on-demand or automatically once approvals are received, and create a tag in the repository. Pipelines
Variable Prompts The "Default" release template is used to prompt for additional configuration such as a $Branch when creating BuildMaster builds or releases. Release Templates
Build OtterScript plan The "Build" OtterScript plan is used to get source code by branch from GitHub, run unit tests, and create artifacts. Scripts
Deploy OtterScript plan The "Deploy" OtterScript plan is used to deploy artifacts to the targets configured in the pipeline. Scripts
Tag OtterScript plan The "Tag" OtterScript plan is used to add a tag to the commit. Scripts
Build Trigger The "GitHub" plan will be used to automatically trigger a build in the application when a commit gets pushed to a GitHub repository. Triggers
Issue Source This issue source will be used to synchronize issues associated with the release, either from GitHub or another source. Issues
ExampleApplicationConfig.txt This file is used to to store environment-specific settings after deploying your application. Configuration Files