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Secure credentials store information like username/passwords or tokens, and are used by Secure Resources to provide access to secure resources. See our Resource Credential Documentation to learn more.
Name Type Description Function Usage Scope
global::AWS AWS Access key: AKIAJ2L6RSSWFB7PPOBA Prevented global
global::GitHub-InedoBuilds - Prevented global
global::GitLab-InedoBuilds GitLab Account GitLab Prevented global
global::inedolinux1 Private Key Private key, user: root, public key fingerprint: dd:32:dc:0c:11:08:73:36:87:32:2c:0e:22:bb:48:9f Prevented global
global::InedoLocal-LicensedBuilder Username & Password LicensedBuilder Prevented global
global::linuxintsv1-builds Username & Password builds Prevented global
global::MyInedoApiKey API Key/Token (secret) Allowed global
global::NewForumsUser Username & Password build Prevented global API Key/Token (secret) Prevented global
global::ProGet2DockerRegistry API Key/Token (secret) Allowed global
global::ProGetPublic-builds API Key/Token (secret) Allowed global
global::ProGetPublicFeeds API Key/Token (secret) Prevented global
global::sdennis Username & Password sdennis Prevented global
global::YouTrackNew YouTrack Permanent Token (secret) Prevented global
global::YouTrackOld - Prevented global