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Secure resources use secure credentials to provide access to external resources such as source system systems, package feeds, and container registries, and other instances of Inedo products. See the Resource Credential Documentation to learn more.
Name Description Type Credential
global::ApplicationBackup Universal Package Feed global::InedoLocal-LicensedBuilder
global::Extensions Universal Package Feed ProGetPublic-builds
global::GitHub GitHub Project global::GitHub-InedoBuilds
global::InternalTools Universal Package Feed global::ProGetPublic-builds
global::NuGetLibraries NuGet Package Feed global::ProGetPublic-builds
global::NuGetOrgPublish Used to publish packages to NuGet Package Feed
global::PrereleaseExtensions Universal Package Feed ProGetPublic-builds
global::PrereleaseProducts Universal Package Feed global::ProGetPublic-builds
global::Products Universal Package Feed global::ProGetPublic-builds
global::ProductsRegistry Docker Container Registry global::ProGetPublic-builds
global::ProGet2ApprovedPublicImages Docker Container Registry global::ProGet2DockerRegistry
global::ProGet2InternalImages Docker Container Registry global::ProGet2DockerRegistry
global::ProGet2NpmRepo Inedo ProGet (Unused) global::ProGet2DockerRegistry
global::ProGetPublic-builds Inedo ProGet (Unused) global::ProGetPublic-builds
global::Templates Universal Package Feed global::ProGetPublic-builds
global::YouTrack YouTrack Instance global::YouTrackNew