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✗ NuGet Package Template Cannot be Applied

You must install the "InedoCore" extension and the "GitHub" extension and the "Windows SDK" extension to use this template; this is usually done from Administration > Extensions.

This Inedo-developed template provides you with quick access to recommended settings for an application using CI/CD with a NuGet package with source in GitHubTo select a different settings template, go to Advanced Settings.

Setting Description
Package Source Configured This is used to to connect to a package feed to push and/or pull packages. Secure Resources
Package Source Name $PackageSource = NuGetLibraries Variables
Package Name $PackageName = Inedo.UPack Variables
Source Control Connection A credential must be configured at the application or system level to provides information to connect to a source control repository. Credentials
Release Pipeline The "Release" pipeline is used to get source by configured branch, build and test artifacts, deploy to a series of targets on-demand or automatically once approvals are received, and create a tag in the repository. Pipelines
Variable Prompts The "Default" release template is used to prompt for additional configuration such as a $Branch when creating BuildMaster builds or releases. Release Templates
Build script The "Build" OtterScript script is used to get source code by branch, builds package, and publishes as a CI prerelease. Scripts
RepackageAsRC script An OtterScript script named "RepackageAsRC" must be created to repackages the package as an RC-prerelease for further testing. Scripts
Release script The "Release" OtterScript script is used to repackages the package as a stable package and tags source control. Scripts

Optional Features

Setting Description
Build Trigger A build trigger can be created to automatically trigger a build in the application when a commit gets pushed to a repository. Triggers