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Pipeline Progress

  • 10/14/2021
  • by apapadimoulis@inedo.local
  • deploy

Pre-deployment Checks for Release

When all pre-deployment checks have been met, this build can be manually deployed to Release.
No deployment window restrictions
No manual approvals are configured
No issue status, test status, or variable requirements

Manual Approvals for Release

No manual approvals are configured for this stage.

Build Variables

%ExtensionVersions %(Windows: 1.12.1, GitHub: 1.12.1, Scripting: 1.10.5, Jira: 1.3.0, InedoCore: 1.12.4, Git: 1.12.1, DotNet: 1.11.3)
$GitCommit 0ff5dfd
$InedoSDKVersion 1.12.0
$PublishCIInstaller true
$UnstableDependencies none