Adding the version command
8/8/2019 1:51:05 PM by martingemme
closed on 2/4/2020 4:54:50 PM
Last pulled:
2/4/2020 5:10:46 PM
I believe this is really trivial to any command line utility to have the ability to get the version. I did not change the Assembly version (currently, but I believe the Inedo team can handle it in the next release of software (add the according Assembly version). Our use case is that we have a tool that checks every installed tools for TeamCity agents for updates. Without this PR, I would have to take the output of 'upack', select the version in the first row. Although that could work, I believe it is better to have a specific command for it. All the other tools (node, npm, dotnet cli, etc) has a `-v` or `-version`, therefore `upack version` seems appropriate.